Dopest gym bag – Haus of Lenny

Dopest gym bag

Haus of Lenny

100 kr
Dopest gym bag

It really doesn't get any better than this!

Move through your urban world in style. And very affordable too. With this high quality gym bag, reinforced for durability and a long life partner to your everyday life.

Get one today! Heck, get two and spread the love!

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At Haus of Lenny we have a loaded gun at our heads. For real.
In effect this brings you unparalleled benefits in the form of:
• Service extraordinaire.
• Personal deliveries (when you ask us).
• A unique selection of goods.
• A team that tries harder. For Lenny. And for you.
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    So let's make 2017 - THE YEAR OF THE DEER!

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