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About Us

You see our logo and think "yet another hipster brand". Think again!
At Haus of Lenny we are more square pegs to round holes than anything else. Because we like to change things. We like to see things differently. And while some call us crazy, some see genius. Remember it is the one's who are crazy enough to change the world who does in the end.

• Have passion for what we do and create.
• Are based in Malta, the most rocky place we could find
  – but we have one hoof firmly put in the Nordics.
• Are just starting up, which means we try harder. For you.
• Are found for example at sales@hausoflenny.com
• Pin away like crazy one's at http://www.pinterest.com/hausoflenny

    Come on and give this venture a try. You will not be in disappointment mode.

    At Haus of Lenny we have a loaded gun at our heads. For real.
    In effect this brings you unparalleled benefits in the form of:
    • Service extraordinaire.
    • Personal deliveries (when you ask us).
    • A unique selection of goods.
    • A team that tries harder. For Lenny. And for you.
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      So let's make 2017 - THE YEAR OF THE DEER!

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